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Tibet is the highest plateau on the earth with an average height of 5000 meter above sea level. It is the historical residence of Sherpa, Tamang, Monpa, and Lhoba people and right now it is occupied by Han Chinese and Hui People. The north section of the highest Mountain of the World, Everest (8,848m) is situated in Tibet with many silver Mountain Peaks, Lakes, flat land, high passes, ancient Buddhist Monasteries and breathtaking high altitude walk. 

Tibet is control by China or it is oppressed and underdeveloped province of China. Independent travel to Tibet is not possible, need pre-arrange guided tour and transport to go Tibet having proper Tibet permit and documents that can get from Chinese Embassy of Nepal. It requires to obtain special group visa/Permit and the processing is commenced only by qualified travel agency where you book the trip. 

Tibet is the cultural and religious place for Hindu and Buddhist due to existence of Potala Palace, Mt. Kailash, Manasarovar Lake and more historical Monasteries. Tibet is also the birthplace of Spiritual leader (Dalai Lama) who was exiled by Chinese government. In 1950 to 1970, around 100,000 Tibetan people were exiled, and they stared to live as refugees in Nepal, Bhutan and India who are called Tibetan Buddhist. 

Guru Rimpoche is the historical guru who spread Buddhism in Tibet after he did meditation in Nepal, who went to Tibet and started to teach moral lesson of Buddhism. Before Guru Rimpoche entry in Tibet, there is Bon Po religion and people started to follow his philosophy of peace, prosperity, wishdom and Happiness.





  • 7 Days
  • Tibet
Kathmandu – Lhasa Tour

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet autonomous region which is controlled by People’s Republic...

R (5)
Lhasa – Everest Base Camp Tour

  • Min Pax: 2-60
  • Tibet
Lhasa – Manasarovar- Mt. Kailash Trek