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Mustang Region

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Mustang is a region in northern Nepal, situated in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. It is known for its stunning landscapes, including deep gorges, high cliffs, and unique desert-like terrain. The region is famous for its ancient Buddhist culture, monasteries, and cave dwellings. Trekkers and tourists often visit Mustang to explore its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The Upper Mustang Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal, known for its unique and remote landscapes, as well as its rich cultural heritage. Upper Mustang is a region in the north-central part of Nepal, bordering Tibet (China). It is a restricted area, and special permits are required for trekking.

The Upper Mustang region has a strong Tibetan influence in its culture and traditions. You'll encounter ancient Buddhist monasteries, chortens (stupas), and mani walls with inscriptions. The people of this region are predominantly of Tibetan descent and follow Tibetan Buddhism.

The trek takes you through a high-altitude desert landscape with barren cliffs, deep canyons, and unique rock formations. You'll also come across picturesque villages with whitewashed houses and Buddhist monasteries.


  • 16 Days
  • Nepal
Upper Mustang Trekking

The trek to Upper Mustang is through off-the-beaten-path, an almost tree-less barren landscape,...