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Adventures Planner

Responsible Travel

Responsible tourism requires that tour operators, local governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take achievement to make tourism more sustainable. Travel and Tourism is one of the most important industries in the world. It connects more people from one place to another with thousands of families relying on tourism. Being responsible travel, Adventure Planner has concerned on social, cultural and individual aspects providing you with an exclusive and personal experience of our sacred mountains, ancient Himalayan culture and its approaches.
Adventure Planner is responsible trek agency of Nepal conducts all treks, tours and other outdoor adventure and connected activities by avoiding any natural and social disturbance.

  • Adventure Planner also focus on socio-cultural responsibility in eco-touristic purpose to protect cultural and natural heritage sites of Nepal.
  • We focus on sustainable policy and performance which helps to ensure authentic knowledge for any travelers.
  • We respect to our Guides, Porters, Sherpas and other employees because they are backbone of organization. We are responsible to provide the necessary security to our employees such as Food, Salary, Insurance, rescue evacuation, accommodation and other essential things during trekking.
  • We spotlight on nature based tourism committed to being transparent and evidence based to increase the benefits of tourism to local people and places.
  • That is why Adventure Planner is very responsible to your travel to Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan.