Adventure Planner

Adventures Planner

Before Book The Trip

Before you book the trip, should know either the company is legally registered Or not because due to unregistered trek company, sometimes many trekkers and travelers face many problems about payment method and their valued document. So, must be clear about this before you confirm the trip either it is under Nepal government registered company or not. 

There are very beautiful trekking and travel companies in an internet, you may found it. They had information and suggestive website pages with beautiful pictures, content, blog, home pages and they are in front of the Google rank. But they may not register under Nepal government institutions. Please, be clever about it. 

Even in contact detail, they keep only private Mobile number associating with social links such as what’s up, Viber, Imo, Messenger or other links of social sites. But we keep both mobile number and official phone number in our office and website. 

A trekking or travel company in Nepal must have valid license from many institutions of Nepal government such as certificate of registered company of Nepal, PAN and VAT certificate. The company also need certificate from Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Rastra Bank, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal and Industry of Nepal Tourism and Civil Aviation. 

If you book the trip with non registered trek companies, may face many problems like acquire trekking and climbing permits, they may escape from their duty and responsibility. They can say, deposit payment in personal account number name. But we do not say like this, you must deposit payment in our office account number which is registered under Nepal Rastra Bank (central bank of Nepal). That is why; you should know these things before you book the trip.

-Adventure Planner is legally registered trekking company of Nepal
-The company has clearance of tax certificate
-We have also got license from Rastra Bank of Nepal (central bank) to deal with foreign business.
-The company is registered each and every section of Nepal government
- We are able to make permission to organize, tour, hiking, trekking and Mountain expedition
- The all guides such as tour guide, trekking guide and Mountain climbing guide of our company has working license.