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BN Dhakal
BN Dhakal

Mr. B.N. Dhakal is well-known name in Tourism Industry of Nepal. He is an enthusiastic person has very long history in tourism industry of Nepal since 2001, keenly devoted to eco-tourism. He has long contribution in tourism having own tourism administrative center such as Adventure Planner and Samsara Resort Hotel. He is successively established this company with pioneering concept, providing international level of services with brilliant management. All people from tourism field knows him because he is successful business man and having many year experience in trekking and travel industry of Nepal. 


Narayan Khanal
Managing Director

Mr. Narayan khanal is the well-recognized, young and educated name in Nepal tourism industry, who was born in Manaslu region of Gorkha district. He has finished his master degree in English literature having good skill of communicating with clients. He gives instruction to his staff by providing innovative and productive ideas and motivate them. He helps to juniors and respects to seniors. He is a successful person in trekking field of Nepal. He has very good connection with people from Israel, Ukraine, Russia, America, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia, and more European, American and Asian countries. He is a successful tourism operator in Nepal. 

Elena Gorshkova
Director of Sales and Marketing

Ms. Elena Gorshkova has a higher education in management and marketing. In tourism since 2001. More than 20 years of experience of work in host travel companies in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan. Guru for the development of individual, group, educational, spiritual tours. All tours are author's and original, the logistics of the tours are based on deep personal experience. Speaks Russian and English. High communication skills, self-responsibility. Elena's creative approach to organizing tours will make your trip unforgettable. Each of our guests rediscovers himself, thanks to the amazing routes in the Himalayas.

Niraj Dhakal

Mr. Niraj Dhakal was born in Dhading district of Jyamrung Village and he is working as Manager of our company. He believes in hard working and due to his effort he became successful Manager of Adventure Planner who speaks English very well with high level of communication skill with our clients. He worked as travel agent from Australia since many years and he spend half time in Nepal and half time in Australia because he need to look his travel appointment in Australia too. Niraj is very young guy having innovating concept of providing international level of service to our respected guests. Due to his effort, Adventure Planner has become popular trekking agency in Nepal and we are also very glad to get such as good Manager in our company. 

Hari Bhatta
Assistant Manager

Mr. Hari Bhatta was born in Nuwakot district of Charghar village; working Assistant Manager in this company. His working experience presents the successive and brilliant guest relationship for the company. Due to his good connection with guest; we became able to be foremost trekking agent in Nepal Tourism Agency. He is very hard worker, punctuality and friendly made him successful in duty and responsibility. He is a perfect assistant Manager with good skill of communicating guest in our company. Sometimes, he goes to Mountain as a trekking guide because he loves mountain and hiking. He likes outdoor activities such as trekking, tour, hiking, jungle safari, rafting and many more. 


Asmita Devkota

Ms. Asmita Devkota was born in Gorkha district of Palungtar village. She is studying Bachelor second year in Manamohan Memorial College having subject of Managemnt and working as Accountant in this company Adventure Planner. She is very responsible and believable person in financial aspects as well as bank details having strong dedication and enthusiasm. She knows well about detriment and benefits of economy. She is a very punctual in her work and keep record of all benefits and expenses of Company. We keep trust with her financial aspects with all details payment.  She is also very happy to work as Accountant with Adventure Planner and she is very punctual in work arriving in office on time. She is our good Accountant. 

Moti Khanal
Trekking Guide

Mr. Moti was born in remote area in Arupokhari village of Gorkha District. Moti his name symbolizes Gold; really we are very happy to get such a good Guide Moti like Gold. He is working in this company since eight years with his wonderful services and extensive experiences. He is very honest to handle the guest and group having knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. We have his positive comments and feedbacks written by trekkers. He has finished his Bachelor Degree in commerce from Public Youth Campus. He is our reputed trekking guide working since 8 years tourism industry of Nepal. He is very young and he has no weakness while he makes trekking to high Himalayas. 

Ang Dawa Sherpa
Ang Dawa Sherpa
Trekking Guide

Mr. Sherpa was born in Everest region of solukhumbu district having 20 years' experience during trekking filed. He has long services not only in high mountain of Nepal but also in north part of India, Bhutan & Tibet. He has very fluent English having additional knowledge of Buddhism. He says “I will very happy when I walk in high elevation rather low altitude.” Everybody tell him “Sardar”/Leader due to his long experience and ability to control group during trekking. He says, while trekking in the route of high Himalayas he feels relax and comfort. He does not like to make hiking in lower region; he loves to ascend the Mountain. 

Kumar Bahadur Khadka
Trekking Guide

Mr. Kumar Bahadur Khada was born in Solukhumbu region of eastern Nepal where top of the world is located. He has very long experience in trekking industry of Nepal as since 2001 Mr. Khadka is working as trekking guide in Himalaya. Now you can imagine how many times he will be in Everest Base Camp. He has been more than 100 times in Everest Base Camp during his work of trekking guide and even equally been in other trekking routes of Nepal. He is very believable trekking guide and when problem occurs he himself solves the problem and make clients happy. We are happy to find such as good trekking guide in Adventure Planner Pvt. Ltd. 

Amrit Magar
Trekking Guide

Mr. Amrit Magar was born in Solukhumbu region below Lukla as he is our trekking guide in Adventure Planner. He has also long experience of guiding in Himalaya region of Nepal. He is very kind, genuine, and cooperative person as he equally believe in work and duty. Duty and responsibility is the main goal in his life; that is why Mr. Amrit Magar is very successful trekking guide in tourism industry of Nepal. He is very well - disciplined during his working and all the time gives his time to the clients. He is very responsible person with less speaking but hard working. 

Devendra Lamichhane
Trekking Guide

Mr. Devendra Lamichhane was born in Gorkha district of Arutar village from where the trekking route of Manaslu begins. He is a very genuine, smiling, kind, helpful and hard worker and always make happy to his clients while trekking to Himalayan part of Nepal. He is newly elected a trekking guide in our agency though he has long experience of guiding in Himalayas such as Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu region and even more hidden trekking routes. He has finished his bachelor degree from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

Karma Sherpa
Mountain Climbing Guide

Mr. Karma Sherpa is an experience Mountain Climbing guide who has been summited Mt. Everest five times; was born Solukhumbu region of eastern Nepal.  Uncountable times, he has also climbed Mera Peak, Island Peak and Lobuche Peak and more white Himalayan Peaks of Nepal. He is very genuine, kind and believable person and dedication to his work; especially in climbing section, he is a Mountain Bird. He all the time make successful summit but due to unexpected weather and climber's difficulty situation, he change the mind and go for alternative way. 

Pol Bahadur Gurung
Trekking Guide

Pol Bahadur Gurung was born in Dhading district of Ganga Jamuna village. He is a 15 years experienced trekking guide of Nepal; performing his talent and amazing skill with Adventure Planner. He has been not only in Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Manaslu region trek; he has almost finished all trekking routes of Nepal and he likes to make trekking in new route, hidden places and off the beaten path. During his good performing guidance, he has got very good reviews, comments and testimonials. We wish him success wherever he goes during his work and effort. 

Dhruba Bhatta
Trekking Guide

Mr. Dhruab Bhatta was born in Sirankchwok village of Gorkha district of Nepal as it is the land of Manaslu. He is working in our company since many years as trekking guide. He is very honest, kind, helpful, and punctual in his work as he is senior and experienced trekking guide and always keep smiling in front of his clients. He makes clients happy and brief all things as it is necessary during his trekking. He is senior sardar of our company. He believes in quality effort that is why while trekking with Dhruba, clients have always positive review.

Roshak Khanal
Trekking Guide

A trekking guide is a person who is experienced and knowledgeable about the trails, terrain, and outdoor environments in a specific area, and they provide assistance and leadership to individuals or groups who want to go trekking or hiking. Mr. Roshak has all this innovation ideas while leading group to Himalayan region of Nepal. He was born in Arupokharai village of Gorkha district on the trekking trail to Manaslu. He is very young guide and he likes to hike in high altitude. Due to his trekking efforts, even in short time; he is being trust among his clients and company.

Kishor Devkota
Trekking Guide

A trekking guide is a person who provides assistance and expertise to individuals or groups interested in trekking or hiking in various natural environments, such as mountains, forests, deserts, or other remote areas. Trekking guides play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, enjoyment, and success of a trekking adventure. Mr. Kishor Devkota was born in Palungtar village of Gorkha district having good communicating skill of trekking region. He is also young and genuine trekking guide of Adventure Planner.