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Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal situated with an elevation of 1,400 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by beautiful hills having wonderful valley with finest temperature. Kathmandu is the entrance point towards Himalayan region of Nepal, occupies old cities, Hindu and Buddhist Temples which are bounded by UNESCO. It is very popular for day tour to explore history, culture, art, architecture, people and their lifestyle that originates since 3000 years ago. Even, there are beautiful one day hiking destinations near Kathmandu with the presence of sunrise/sunset view and beautiful scenery of white Himalayan Peaks. 

We organize Kathmandu day tour which includes full day Kathmandu sightseeing with cultural tour guide and Private transport (air condition). It takes 6-7 hour to see most important world heritage sites such Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath), Old Kathmandu City, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa. Our license holder tour guide arrives in your hotel at 9 am in the morning and takes you by explaining about whole Nepal such as geography, people, history, culture, religion, economy, and many things as you are interested to ask him. Our driver also will be with you till end of your sightseeing and they drop to you in your hotel.  They are very familiar and helpful during day tour around Kathmandu. 

1)    Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath) 

Swayambhunath is the ancient religious architecture located in Northwest of center Kathmandu on the top of the hill, offers best city view and beautiful white Himalayan Peaks. It is the oldest religious pilgrimage for both Hindu and Buddhist People. This is the temple of self-existent and self-creation which the word Swamaybhu signifies. The temple is popular for peace, non-violence, wisdom, good luck, prosperity and happiness. Beyond, the main temple, the major attraction of this area remains Pratapur Temple, Anantapur Temple, Harati Temple, Old Buddhist Monastery, Monkey Swimming Pool, hanging prayer flags, Old Newari Houses and beautiful landscape of Kathmandu Valley. 

2)    Old Kathmandu City 

Old Kathmandu city is located in center Kathmandu, which is also known as Kathmandu Durbar      Square, the area is surrounded by Old King Palace, classical Temples, unique art and architecture, ancient local houses as well as prehistoric squares. This area is used to be the residence of Nepali Royal family and administrations since medieval period to 19th century. Mostly, Kathmandu was ruled by the Malla dynasty long time and later King Prithibi Narayan Shah became the king of reunified Nepal. The Hanuman Dhoka is the main entrance gate to enter inside historical king palace of Nepal.  The Living Goddess (Kumari), Taleju Temple, Jagannath Temple, statue of Kal Bhairav, Kasthamandav Temple, Maju Dega Temple, Trailokya Mohan Narayan Temple, Shiva Parbati Temple, Old Sanskrit University, and different status of god and goddesses are the major attraction of this area. 

3)    Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is the popular Hindu Temple in south Asia, located on the bank of Bagmati River in the eastern part of Kathmandu. The temple is dedicated to lord god Shiva, built in 5th century A. D. Shiva is the god of creation/transformation and conforms about Hindu believe of Karma and reincarnation. Hindu People visit this place to worship Shiva linga for peace, progress and creation. During the festival of Shiva Ratri which is celebrated in the month of February, many Hindu people from Nepal and India visit this temple whereas holy men (Sadhus) walk nude around the temple, smoke hashish and make fire around. Non- Hindus are not allowed to go inside the temple but can walk around the territory. There is also the cremation center on the bank of Bagmati River where Hindu people burn dead body and throw ashes into the River. It is believed that those people who die in Pashupatinath area can reborn as human being again. 

4)    Boudhanath Stupa 

Boudhanath is one of the largest and biggest Buddhist Stupa in the world, located eastern part of Kathmandu having its unique design build in 3rd century A D. It is one of the popular top touristic destination of Nepal due to its beautiful image and monasteries located around. At first, the stupa was built by a women with four sons contributed to make the design for peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity. It is believed that there was big starvation and no rain from sky, a women went to king Palace to beg this empty land for constructing it. So, the name of this stupa is called Jarung Khashor that means the give permission of king to make Stupa. Now, many Tibetan Buddhist people live nearby and they walk around Stupa by chanting Mantra ‘OM MA NI PAD ME HUM’. This is the mantra for peace, long live, happiness and wisdom. To get peace and good luck, people walk clockwise around Stupa by chanting Mantra and counting 108 garland stones or wood coins.



  • Visit World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu such as Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath), Old Kathmandu City, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa
  • Explore classical unique settlement of Newari People and culture.
  • Take beautiful photograph of Monkeys.
  • Visit Buddhist Monasteries and Monks 
  • Learn the cremation system of Nepal and see live cremation near Pashupatinath Temple


Our cultural tour guide arrives in your hotel around 9 am in the morning with private transport. Do not forget to carry your camera because you are going to explore important Places of Kathmandu such as Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath), Old Kathmandu City, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa. It takes 6-7 hour to finish day tour beginning from Monkey Temple and end to Boudhanth Stupa and return back to Hotel. You can take lunch on the way where our guide will help us to find beautiful restaurant. We recommend you to have lunch in the roof top restaurant which is located in front of Boudhanath because it presents beautiful view of stupa with flags. Thank you so much having beautiful sightseeing in Kathmandu, See you again!


    • Experienced government license holder tour Guide 
    • Private Transport with A/C
    • Full day Kathmandu sightseeing as mentioned in itinerary.


    • Entrance Fees of Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath), Old Kathmandu City, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa (2,600 rupees / 25$ Per Person) 
    • Lunch in Kathmandu day Tour
    • Tips for Guide and Porter 

Additional Information

  • You are not allowed to enter inside Hindu Temples
  • Walk right hand side when you go near Hindu Temple and Buddhist Stupa
  • Respect culture, people and lifestyle
  • Do not give foods and fruits to Monkeys.
  • Strictly prohibited to make photograph inside Hindu Temple but can take outside.
  • Ask before taking photograph of the local people. 
  • Take your shoes when you enter inside Buddhist Monastery 
  • Ask permission to take photograph inside Monastery to Monks
  • Do not take Picture of living goddess (Kumari) in Old Kathmandu City 
  • Do not go near dead body when you explore cremation near Pashupatinath temple.
  • Protect natural environment.
  • Remember, when a person many times shakes his head from left to right that means “yes.”
  • Do ‘Namaste’ before you meet with people and say ‘Dhanyabad’ after somebody helps you. 
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